Most Common Myth about Mudjacking

Mudjacking is not a permanent solution: False

This is common statement made by inexperienced contractors or used as a sales tactic by contractors who don’t offer both materials, only polyurethane. The reality is mudjacking and polyurethane both offer permanent solutions. The factors that cause additional settling are:  

Lack of proper compaction of the original sub-grade

This is generally seen with homes with slabs 10 years of age or newer  

Ongoing drainage issues

If the drainage problem which caused erosion and ultimately settling in the first place is not addressed, there will be additional erosion and settling regardless the material you use to initially fill the void(s) and raise the concrete slabs. This is why our sales staff are trained to recognize these drainage concerns and have them addressed prior to our work being completed. This allows us to provide a permanent solution.  

What to Know About PolyLevel Product

  • Polyurethane is high density structural foam that combines two liquid chemicals at the injection nozzle and will naturally find any and all voids.
  • After about 20 seconds it begins to react and expand.
  • For Poly we use a 5/8″ drill holes which is about half the size of the mudjacking holes making the holes less noticeable.
  • With Poly, there is also the possibility we can drill less holes because the material is more fluid as it is injected allowing it to find the void(s) more easily.
  • The Poly material is fully cured after a period of 30 minutes, allowing you to immediately park your car on the concrete slab if we are raising your driveway or carport.
  • The fast curing of the material is another huge benefit of the polyurethane option.
  • Poly is also waterproof when fully cured and will not wash away.
  • In addition, the lighter weight of the material is also an advantage. Per cubic foot the polyurethane material is 2 pounds versus the slurry is 100 pounds.

What to Know About the Mudjacking Product

  • COST! Mudjacking is the most economical means for repair.
  • Mudjacking is more cost effective than polyurethane and exponentially cheaper than replacement
  • The slurry material is a bi-product and therefore has very minimal ‘real cost’ compared to the Poly.
  • Both materials are permanent solutions.
  • Mudjacking has been a viable, cost effective alternative to replacement since the 1930s.
  • Slurry is a mix of 80% pressed mud (85% clay / pre-compacted soil) and 20% Portland cement, which helps the material harden / cure in place over the next few days after the work is completed.
  • The mudjacking process uses a one inch drill hole to allow for the injection of the material.
  • Mudjacking is quick, clean and most jobs are completed and ready for use in one day.

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